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About the studio

In 1998, on a small street of Riga, an “Irish dancing studio” was established. Only a few people knew about its existence. These enthusiasts met three times a week to master the precise and graceful steps of the Irish dance in a united rhythm. Both the three years old children and the grown-ups, tired of daily routines, hurried to Ruta Kapustaite – the studio establisher, their teacher and just a good friend – to devote themselves to the magic of the dance.

As time passed, the studio developed, attracting more and more people who were interested in dancing. When the studio started to give concerts and attract attention, people around began to speak about Irish dance more often. Having advanced to competitive level, the studio began to fight its way toward the European countries, where Ruta’s and her team’s efforts were highly acclaimed. The friendly collective took root in such organizations as Irish and Lithuanian Embassies. Ronan Hardiman, the composer of the breathtaking music of “Lord of the Dance”, with gratitude approved of the studio’s work. And but a few years ago, Ruta found her way to the Riga Choreographic School, where she cooperated with Regīna Kaupuža, creating a new performance for children, which to this day is performed on the stage of Latvian National Opera and brings joy to both the young and the grown-ups.

Ruta brought a new trend to the Choreographic School, and soon the pupils were delighted with Irish dancing and her undying optimism. In cooperation, lots of performances came into the light and were shown on many stages, including the Latvian National Opera’s large stage.

One of the biggest theatres in Latvia – the Daile Theatre – has also put Ruta’s forces to the test, having invited her as a movement consultant in Martin McDonagh’s play “The Beauty Queen of Leenane”. There, as a teacher, Ruta applied her knowledge of Irish traditions – not only in dancing, but also in life.

People of dancing are always immersed in dance. Much time had already passed since the studio began, but Ruta’s hardy spirit has only grown, and so the time had come to evaluate the huge work. In 2008, a big celebration performance was held in Dailes Theatre, which gathered both old and new admirers of Irish dance. Moreover, the book „Par pilsētniekiem, kuru deja vārdiem nerunā” („About citizens, whose dancing doesn’t speak with words”) had appeared in book stores.